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The Company

Taqanal Energy Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based start-up developing a suite of products and solutions focussed on obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles ( EV).

The Barriers to EV Adoption In India

Our thesis identifies the following barriers¬† to adoption of EV’s

High initial cost: The cost of an EV is 40 to 60% more than that of a similar petrol vehicle, primarily due to the high cost of a large monolithic battery.

Range anxiety: Those who are willing to pay the high cost of an EV are still concerned that their EV may stop suddenly due to the battery getting discharged, leaving them stranded far away from a charging station.

Long charging duration: A 25kW fast charger would take at least 45 minutes to charge a battery to about 75% of its capacity. Since most people in the foreseeable future would charge their car at home through a 220V/15A socket, the actual charging time would be an 8 to 10 hour period. Such a long duration would be completely unacceptable to most people

Our Solution is QikSwap

( An innovative battery swapping solution )

  • QikSwap eliminates the high initial cost of an EV by enabling the customer to buy an EV without an expensive battery. The customer leases the battery from QikSwap and pays only for the energy used rather than for owning an expensive asset.


  • QikSwap and its partners will establish a ubiquitous network of battery swap stations where adequate number of charged batteries will always be available. QikSwap customers can swap their batteries at any of these swap stations in a few minutes rather than waiting for hours to charge their fixed monolithic battery.


  • The extensive range of swap stations from QikSwap give customers peace of mind that no matter where they are, a swap station is just a few minutes away. Range anxiety will be a thing of the past.

Taqanal Energy Storage System(TESS)

QikSwap from Taqanal Energy solves the problem as follows:

  • Taqanal Energy Storage System (TESS): TESS is a cloud-connected, modular energy storage system incorporating battery storage, power electronics, software and communication capabilities enclosed in a highly rugged and tamper proof enclosure.
  • Modular design reduces weight and volume, simplifies logistics and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Modular design enables scalability. Larger capacity storage units can be built by combining multiple TESS units.
  • Modules support multiple voltages and capacities based on the requirement of the motor and vehicle.
  • Modules are tamper proof and can be disabled in the case of foul play or malfunction.
  • Modular design can accommodate existing and any upcoming battery chemistries.

Taqnal Internet of Energy System ( TIES)

Taqanal Internet of Energy System (TIES): TIES is a cloud based management platform for centralized control and remote monitoring of distributed TESS units.

  • Every TESS unit is connected to the TIES cloud. The TIES platform ties together geographically distributed TESS units which enables asset tracking globally.
  • Ownership changes of each TESS unit are recorded in an irrefutable manner using Blockchain to detect and prevent attempts to tamper with the unit.
  • Machine learning algorithms detect early degradation which enable pro-active maintenance activities before customers report failures.
  • Detailed analytics will be available for performance analysis and service optimization.
  • Access to TIES can be from a desktop and a mobile application.