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Obstacles to EV Adoption in India

Range Anxiety 

Long Charging Time

High Initial Cost

The Solution is QikSwap !!!

Enables customers to buy EV Without expensive battery( 60% Cost Saving) 

Across the country ubiquitous battery swapstations network, avoiding range anxiety 

Customers can swap batteries in a few minutes at the battery swapstations

The Benefits

100% Uptime

QikSwap offers a 100% uptime guarantee for your vehicles through 24 x 7 Swapping stations network availability in your geography.

Unlimited Range

QikSwap provides unlimited range to your EV, through the availability of a countrywide network of battery swapstations. Where customers can swap batteries within a few minutes.

Easy Billing

QikSwap offers fixed & usage based billing options based on the amount of energy consumed.

How it Works ?

Qikswap has the following components, Cloud connected smart battery, a network of swapping stations and a mobile app to guide the driver to the nearest swapping station, that also indicates the charge available and enables online payment.


Battery Swapping WorkFlow

Our Business Model

Application Verticals

Third Party Logistics ( 3PL)

QikSwap Smart batteries are ideal for third party logistics players operating in the hyper-local delivery space and looking to save CAPEX cost and optimize range and save time through quick swapping the batteries.

3 Wheelers

3-Wheeler light cargo segment used by local courier companies and small FMCG segment for daily deliveries of essential commodities and CPG Goods is also an ideal space for the application of QikSwap battery concept

2 Wheelers

The sporty 2-wheelers for the college-going youth for personal short-distance travel is also a great application segment for QikSwap battery concept.